Blue diamond almonds' Nut Thins

Photoshop & Illustrator

The current placement in the natural aisle of the store makes Nut-Thins “hard to find” and is largely driven by the current distribution method. A shopper marketing program is needed to drive traffic to the Nut-Thins store aisle (where it is hard to find), increase conversion, and be relatively easy to execute.

The Ask: Maximize program benefits by leveraging higher-equity, partner brand (Snack Almonds or complimentary item to Crackers). Create enhanced merchandising beyond the shelf. Nut-Thins are for Healthy Snackers who need a satisfying snack they can feel good about – because it is made with Blue Diamond Almonds. Natural, Healthy, Approachable, Friendly, Reliable.

Created Pieces:
Shipper: Header, side panel and shelf strips that encouraged consumers to try their own Nut Thin Cracker creation -- starting with Sabra Hummus. Coupons/Tags were then placed where hummus was sold to create cross-selling in the store.