Daily ui's 100-day challenge:
days 1-25

Illustrator & Photoshop (even though it should have been Sketch)

Daily UI (dailyui.co) Become a better designer in 100 days. They send you a daily User Interface design prompt (M-F) for 100 days. You interpret and design the UI element — encouraged to be creative!
I decided to take on the "challenge” in order to have a better understanding of designing for web and/or iOS and to improve my design skills as a whole.

*NOTE: Some of these are slightly out of order for better layout purposes.

Day 001: Sign Up. 
I chose to design an in-app sign up for a [personalized gift-wrapping] side business of mine.

Day 002: Credit Card Checkout.
Pretty self-explanatory. I chose Victoria’s Secret.

Day 003: Landing Page (Above the Fold).
Redesigned the landing page (and really the entire look & feel) for/of Vitamix.com

Day 004: Calculator.
Mine is complete with a backspace button and a field where you can move the curser and modify the equation as needed.

Day 005: App Icon.
Refer to Day 1's Sign-In design -- this is the corresponding icon for the Gift Wrap Central [GWC] App.

Day 006: User Profile.
Is it just me? Or could Sony's PlayStation's UI really use a facelift?? I decided to do just that with this User Profile "challenge"/task. (google-image search "playstation user profile" if you wanna see what it currently looks like)

Day 007: Settings.
This one wasn't as fun as the previous UI tasks, but I tried to keep it as interesting as I could by going the route of a “Google Home” settings page.

Day 008: 404 Page.
This was a fun one -- was able to be a little clever and cheeky. Chose PGAtour.com and got to use some golf jargon/puns.

Day 009: Music Player.
Tried to keep a square theme/look…and I always love a sound wave <3

Day 010: Social Share Button.
This was a fun/challenging one. I was fit NINE different social media apps into this one!!

Day 011: Flash Success/Error Message. 
Again, just having fun and being stupid/“creative". ha.

Day 012: eCommerce Shop (Single Item).
I chose Clif Bar for this task. I have to admit, this is the only piece I’m not particularly proud of. Not sure if it was the product I chose and its not-so-glamorous packaging or maybe I was just having an off day. I may come back to it, but I DID complete the task. 

Day 013: Direct Messaging.
It was around this day that I realized, it's hard redesigning something that I don't feel needs redesigned. I also found it challenging designing something that would appeal to the masses like a direct messaging app needs to…

Day 014: Countdown Timer.
For HIIT/Tabata workouts. Select the amount of time you want to be working it, and how long you want to rest. There's a timer for each individual set & rest point, along with "motivational" phrases to keep you pushing through -- with an option to pause should you need an extra breather. AND, last but not least, it sinks up with your heart rate monitor 💗.

Day 015: On/Off Switch.
I’d say the visual is pretty self-explanatory.

Day 016: PopUp Overlay.
Given that the new Nintendo Switch isn’t out “on the shelves” yet, made this particularly challenging. But I wanted to get away from designing for iOS for the day. I thought a Game Over popup for the Switch would be a fun challenge. It’s a little blurry considering there isn’t a whole lot of Switch in-game imagery out there right now, but I enjoyed it!

Day 017: eMail Receipt.
I decided to do another piece for the fictional Gift Wrap Central app.(I've done two other Daily UI challenges in this theme - Days 1 & 5)

Day 018: Analytics Chart.
Perhaps this particular 'page' could be in the same app as my Day 14's Tabata/HIIT Countdown Timer...? Also, I think I may have too many colors going on in this piece…

Day 019: Leaderboard.
Billboard's Top 100 List is a pretty legit leaderboard, amiright? I thought it'd be cool if this was a feature in the same app I designed for Day 9's Music Player. And did you catch it?? I "featured" Day 10's Social Share Button in there as well. ;)

Day 020: Location Tracker.
Took Shipt's personal grocery shopping & delivery service app, and added a Shopper/Deliverer-Tracker feature. So if you're wondering about the green, that's Shipt's brand color.

Day 021: Home-Monitoring Dashboard.
Look familiar? Since I already did a similar piece for Day 7's "Settings" task, I decided to elaborate on it and make an iPad-friendly dashboard for it.

Day 022: Search.
Not much to this one...but it was a nice break for my brain that day.

Day 023: Onboarding.
No idea why the idea of the Freemasonry having an app with an on-boarding feature was so humorous to me, but it was! So I designed it.

Day 024: Boarding Pass.
Hooray for a boarding pass that tells you your flight status, amiright?

Day 025: TV App.
The instructions were to "design an app for a smart TV". While Beachbody On Demand is actually an app for the AppleTV, there's no reason they couldn't, eventually, make it compatible for a smartTV. Either way, most of Beachbody's online UI/UX stuff could use a lot of TLC, so here was my brief take on a feature (browse by category) I think they need to add to their AppleTV app…plus a little makeover.