Daily ui's 100-day challenge:
days 26-50

Illustrator & Photoshop (even though it should have been Sketch)

Daily UI (dailyui.co) Become a better designer in 100 days. They send you a daily User Interface design prompt (M-F) for 100 days. You interpret and design the UI element — encouraged to be creative!
I decided to take on the "challenge” in order to have a better understanding of designing for web and/or iOS and to improve my design skills as a whole.

*NOTE: Some of these are slightly out of order for better layout purposes.

Day 026: Subscription.
Yet another piece for Gift Wrap Central — appropriately named “Gift Wrap Goodies”. This would essentially be a subscription signup page within the app. As you can see, there are all sorts of “goodies” one gets out of signing up for the subscription-based rewards program.

Day 027: Dropdown.
I wanted to try and make a somewhat interesting dropdown menu…not sure how well I succeeded. The background is from TWC’s app — not my creation.

Day 028: Contact Us.
Whaddya know. Another GWC piece. This one was a fun one. GWC’s contact page would include viewing the truck’s schedule for the week (to see if we’d be visiting your neck of the woods), or you could make an appointment right there in the app, or you could actually call/email GWC directly.

Day 029: Map.
This one was fun as well. I thought it’d be cool if you could thumb/roll through a selection of different types of places you were looking for near you. The corresponding places would pop up on the map as you scrolled over each category. (Each category having their own color scheme as well, but they’re gray whilst dormant/unchosen)

Day 030: Pricing.
Decided to do another fun/silly one. While The Dollar Shave Club’s pricing page is already stellar, I just thought it’d be funny to incorporate their line-drawing elements and draw a dude with literal cat whiskers…and have some fun with a smidge of the copy (the buttons).

Day 031: File Upload.
Just a little desktop popup that you can watch fill in as your file(s) upload(s). Nothing too fancy.

Day 032: Crowdfunding Campaign.
I thought this one would have been more fun than it turned out. Definitely not my favorite piece…but I liked the name I came up with! haha And I really DO think ‘bitsbox’ is a fabulous idea so definitely go check them out for your kids. Coding is the future!!

Day 033: Customized Product.
How cool would this be?! Your child (or your own inner child) could design their own Transformer and then have it made to play with all your own?! Sounds pretty cool to me. Who knows? Maybe it already exists and I’m just behind on the times. Either way, that’s my design for the “Transformer Protoforms” build-your-own-transformer website.

Day 034: Car Interface.
This one was TOUGH and time-consuming. So just to change it up and be different, I got rid of the usual circles and did more of an amplification meter approach. Kinda cool…kinda weird… Also did the map with turn-by-turn directions.

Day 035: Blog Post.
Nothing too exciting. But definitely happy with how cutesy it turned out. :) And Day 10’s social share button made another appearance.

Day 036: Special Offer.
Another PlayStation piece (kind of). Just a popup for a special offer for a free GT Sport game with purchase of a PS VR Headset [on their website via the smartphone interface].

Day 037: Weather.
Designed a weather app with a special feature that would let you post your pictures/videos in real time and upload them so people could see what it was like in that spot right then and there.

Day 038: Calendar.
Another piece to go along with a few of the other pieces I did for a potential workout app: the workout countdown calendar. Not only do you get the satisfaction of crossing a day of working out upon completion, but that day’s workout is right there on the calendar page for you too.

Day 039: Testimonials.
OMG have you ever had a Vitality Bowl? I mean, any acai-esque bowl is delicious…doesn’t have to be from Vitality Bowls…but yeah. SO GOOD. Enough said I think.

Day 040: Recipe.
Not sure how I feel about this one. It’s a bit different for sure…not sure how it would translate for other non-chocolate recipes…but it was fun nonetheless. :)

Day 041: Workout Tracker.
Yup…another workout app piece. Pretty self-explanatory. ’Twas fun and more challenging than expected to fit everything I wanted in there plus make it look cool.

Day 042: To-Do List.
Lists on lists on lists. As you can see, you can have several lists going at once if you’d like: Priorities, Weekly, Monthly, etc. Check them off, edit them, trash them.

Day 043: Food/Drink Menu.
Yet another piece to play on my love of Acai Bowls — this time I chose a local favorite to the Bay Area: Bowl’d Acai. I don’t believe they have an app or much of a website (they’re a food truck)…but should they need a designer, I’m definitely their gal. ;)

Day 044: Favorites.
Decided to do favorite movies within a movie-streaming smartTV/appleTV app. These really are a handful of my top fave movies in alphabetical order…with Interstellar (currently selected) as my absolute favorite movie of all time. If you haven’t seen it, you must!

Day 045: Info Card.
So I’m potentially due for a new car this year, and out of nowhere, I’m obsessed with Jeep Wranglers. So to change things up, I decided to do a little info card about them. #iwantonesobad

Day 046: Invoice.
I already have an 8.5x11 printout version for my personal invoices, but I figured for this challenge, why not design one for the iOS?

Day 047: Activity Feed.
Just a little update to the current Instagram activity feed. You can select one of the 3 colored icons if you want to [heart] something they’ve said, or if you want to [comment] back, or if you’d like to [follow them].

Day 048: Coming Soon.
“Coming soon” splash page for the upcoming website for GWC.

Day 049: Notifications.
Notification from the GWC app letting you know your gift(s) are ready for pickup!

Day 050: Job Listings.
Something so many of us are all too familiar with, amiright? Not sure I’m loving the color choice, but I’m sick of straight up blue or black or gray…so teal it is!