Northcreek Men's Retreat at Mt. Hermon

Photoshop & Illustrator

Just like the Women's Retreat, the men also go to Mt. Hermon in Santa Cruz, CA every year for their retreat.

This year's theme was "Shout for Joy!" I found this perfect photo of the little boy shouting into an old school microphone (on unsplash) and decided to play up the retro feel of it with the beams, the font, the black & white imagery (radio & speakers' heads). I also created the little "NorthCreek Men's Retreat" bug -- making it look retro with the radio tower and sound bolts. Turns out all the men involved loved it too -- especially getting a kick out of the speakers' head cutouts. haha

As you'll see, the top piece was a postcard/flyer advertising the retreat. And below that, is the booklet each attender received for the weekend-long event. Inside were speaker bios, pages for note-taking, a map of the area, the Bible verses being preached, and the weekend's schedule.