NORTHCREEK church's "The story" program

Photoshop & Illustrator

NorthCreek Church puts on a production of what they call "Living Art" every year at Christmastime. They recreate existing (and well-known) works of art into life-sized pieces with real people posing as the people in the painting and/or sculptures. They combine this with narration, live music, and original videos to tell the story of Jesus's life. 

Every year they add and subtract new pieces of well as rebrand the look of the marketing collateral. This year, I had the honor of doing just that. I chose a star-filled sky as the background [texture] and illustrated symbols for the star over Bethlehem (Christ's birth) and the crown of thorns (Christ's death). 

This 24-page program highlighted every piece shown in the 2017 production by providing facts about the artwork, the artists, and some behind-the-scenes tidbits from the director himself.