Northcreek Visitor booklet

Photoshop & Illustrator

As you'll read about in the NorthCreek Collateral piece, I slowly started to give NorthCreek a new "look". I brought in some new hues and a more geometric feel. A few of the pieces that exhibit the new look are: [evangelical] church flyer, Sunday bulletin, and business cards. I also applied this to a brand new Visitor Booklet that we hand out at every service to newcomers! I'm very pleased with the way the page layouts turned out.

As you can see, the booklet includes:

  • campus map
  • important names & faces at the church
  • what to expect
  • info about lifestage classes
  • bookstore & cafe
  • various ministries -- from children to adult seniors
  • info on the academy 
  • local & global outreach -- free biblical counseling, food pantry, & missions
  • what we believe
  • conferences & events
  • baptism
  • community groups
  • ways to serve
  • membership